Unrequited Love

A group show curated by Vera Iliatova and Sarah Peters
Unrequited Love: A group show curated by Vera Iliatova and Sarah Peters
Publisher: Nathalie Karg Gallery
Dimensions: 8 x 5 1/2 in
Pages: 34
$ 15.00

Booklet produced in collaboration with Unrequited Love, 2023


Press Release


Nathalie Karg Gallery is pleased to present Unrequited Love, curated by Vera Iliatova and Sarah Peters. On view from June 21st to July 20th, 2023, the exhibition features work by Ann Agee, Inna Babaeva, Nina Childress, Jennifer Paige Cohen, Jenny Dubnau, Dana Frankfort, Louis Fratino, Rema Ghuloum, Ryan Johnson, Alex Jackson, Dennis Kardon, Craig Kucia, Julia Kunin, Susan Lichtman, Jennifer Macdonald, Shari Mendelson, Ohad Meromi, John Newman, Keiko Narahashi, Enrico Riley, Elsa Sahal, Matt Saunders, Michelle Segre, Jeremy Stenger, Alessandro Teoldi, Hannah van Bart, Jenna Westra, and Alan Wiener.
In this exhibition, one’s “unrequited love” stands as a metaphor for the artists’ yearning to grasp at something in their work that remains forever outside of their reach. This longing, desire, and tension remain present in the physical objects that are the results of individual pursuit. Each of the artists in this exhibition value the sense of touch and the physical tension in making their works, embedding them with an emotion that eludes being captured with words. The process in the studio becomes a love song between the makers and the objects that they make. Desire, dreaming, wanting, release, disappointment, revenge, confusion, and the possibility of satisfaction are the churning emotions that spur artists to make new artworks. We also look back at past artworks, our old lovers, to understand and find the new ones. This exhibition presents narrative manifestations of “unrequited love” through the stages of complicated afairs and their aftermath.