Limited Edition: [a partial list of falling]

Nathlie Provosty, 2022
Enamel and inkjet print on backlight paper
Limited Edition: [a partial list of falling]: NATHLIE PROVOSTY
Publisher: Nathalie Karg Gallery &Hassla Books
Dimensions: 8 7/8 x 6 7/8 inches
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9781940881546
$ 160.00

[a partial list of falling]  recounts an accident witnessed by Provosty


This is a special Limited Edition of 26 copies of  [a partial list of falling] paired with a unique work on paper by Nathlie Provosty. The recurring dragon imagary of [a partial list of falling] is mirrored in the works on paper - 26 Dragons, each with it's own letter,  undulate in enamel over an inkjet image, printed on backlight paper. Indexed A through Z, each drawing serves as an insert for the accompanying book, and they will be sold in desceding order. 


A 112 page artist’s book, reproduces drawings from 2020-2022, together with writing / dreams / photographs, quotes from various books, emails, art historical paintings, and a poem by the writer Charity Coleman. The narrative tells the story of transformation, with a special emphasis on the avant-garde filmmaker and friend Jonas Mekas, and the recurring appearance of a dragon.

Dragons A-Z, [a partial list of falling], 2022