KUNSTFORUM International: Dorian Gaudin

by Magdalena Kröner

The French-American artist Dorian Gaudin, born in Paris in 1986, explores the tension between statics and movement, control and chance in his kinetic works. His works always revolve around the application of movement and its effects: whether in the form of a collapsing wall, which he showed in a group show at Balice Hertling in Paris in 2013, or an uncontrolled rolling cylinder in his first solo show in New York, "Jettison Parkway" in of the New York gallery Natalie Karg in 2016. For the cabinet exhibition “Rites and Aftermath” in spring 2017 in the Paris Palais de Tokyo, he built a complex machine park, at the center of which was an apparatus with a twelve-meter-long sheet made of thin, elastic spring steel strip that was set in motion at irregular intervals.

Dorian Gaudin, son of the choreographer Jean Gaudin and the dancer Sophie Lessard, who studied 3D animation before switching to art, showed a performance in his first German solo exhibition in Berlin in the Dittrich & Schlechtriem gallery in spring 2017. Its sculptural center, a fragile guitar object made of riveted aluminum and polyurethane foam, was destroyed by himself in the process. Gaudin's wall objects also play with the moment of destruction: the thin aluminum of the pictorial body is crumpled up like paper; Scratches and cracks become gestural entries that are accentuated by colored anodizing or the application of chrome. These objects also directly depict physical effects.

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April 1, 2017