W: The Perks of Being a High-Society Wallflower Like Jessica Craig-Martin

For years now, Jessica Craig-Martin has been steadily plowing through the high-society party circuit across the world with two purposes: to photograph the A-listers and advertisers that duty requires her to at events—and to capture their naturally occuring over-the-top oddities and excess. Though her work usually ends up in the pages of magazines, including this one, it’s now also on display in “Public Relations,” her solo exhibition at New York’s Nathalie Karg Gallery, from this weekend until mid-April. Not that the gallery treatment has made her subjects any more identifiable: her latest images, all from 2017, are as tightly cropped as ever, keeping the focus on the all-too-immaculate hair and bright pink lips of the society fixtures. Witness some close encounters, here.


March 4, 2017