Zhivago Duncan and Katja Strunz at Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin

By Enrico

Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin currently presents two exhibitions: “Nachzeit” (Aftertime) with works by Katja Strunz, and “Dick Flash’s Souvenirs of Thought” with works by Zhivago Duncan.


Zhivago Duncan works in a variety of media. His new body of work presents a fictional narrative about Dick Flash, the sole survivor of an environmental catastrophe that has wiped out the rest of mankind. One of the key pieces in the exhibition is the centrally presented diorama opens up a window into a future landscape, a frozen desert-like scenery. “Its title Pretentious Crap comments on the folly of the idea of sculpture in form of a post-apocalyptic landscape”. (press release) The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with a text by Zhivago Duncan and Emilie Trice. Zhivago Duncan was born the US in 1980, he lives and works in Berlin.


Katja Strunz’s solo show at CFA presents works that she created between 1998 and 2010. On display are installations, sculptures and works on paper. Typical for Katja Strunz’s work is the folding of materials, thus playing with the act of covering and uncovering, of hiding and revealing. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with an essay by Birgit Sonna.



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February 1, 2011