The Guardian: Artist of the week 70: Katja Strunz

By Skye Sherwin

From eerily empty clock faces to angular knots of twisted steel, Strunz creates sculptures that seem trapped in time



Sculptor Katja Strunz resurrects the forward-thinking forms of modernism or minimalism, yet what she unearths bears signs of the grave. In her recent Memory Wall (2008), black cubes recalling Kasimir Malevich's famous square or Donald Judd's minimalist boxes congregate haphazardly on walls like migrating birds. While some of her works are rendered in powder-coated steel or bronze, others are rusty and dented. They seem to be confronting their own inevitable demise. Other works use old bits of scrap metal, bent and twisted into batty-looking gizmos – notably clock faces surrounded by halos of curling wire.



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January 13, 2010