CULTURED: An Object in Motion: Dorian Gaudin Redefines Kinetic Art

by Ryan Steadman

Bodies never lie” is an old saying in the dance world, though it also applies to the art of 29-year- old sculptor Dorian Gaudin. And not just because he’s the son of the highly regarded French choreographer Jean Gaudin, either. “The way I think of animating an object is by trying to find its own personal way of moving,” says Gaudin, as if elegance, slapstick and other expressive bodily motions weren’t only domains of the living.

But then movement—in all of its potential expressions—has fascinated Gaudin since he can remember. Beyond his formative influence of dance, Gaudin also studied animation and engineering before eventually settling upon art as a career. Now based in New York, he’s being hailed as a hot new artist to watch, thanks to an upcoming solo exhibition in February at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.


In his first solo outing at the Nathalie Karg gallery this past spring titled “Jettison Parkway,” Gaudin wowed audiences with a radiant suite of crumpled aluminum, concrete and steel Born in Paris, Gaudin now works out of his New York studio. 


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January 23, 2017