Yes, They Went There: ‘The Feminine in Abstract Painting'

By Mario Naves

The exhibition has, apparently, been in the works for six years. One would hazard to guess that discussions between the organizers have increased in complexity given the evolving nature of contemporary political discourse.


Several thoughts hurtled through my head when clicking on the announcement for “The Feminine in Abstract Painting,” an exhibition at the Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation on the Lower East Side, the primary of which being: Who on earth is crazy enough to mount a show with a title like that?


Following quickly on the heels of that question was an observation prompted by a perusal of included artists: “Hey, there are guys in this thing.” Fob these off as the reactions of a clueless baby boomer and you wouldn’t be altogether wrong, but given the fracas within progressive circles about the state and nature of womanhood, any curator treading into that particular pool of water is tempting the sharks.


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March 28, 2023