Forbes: ‘The Art Show’ Showcases Meticulous Curation And Raises Over $1 Million For Henry Street Settlement

by Natasha Gural

It’s a delight to encounter such a meticulously curated show that amplifies the importance of art fairs in rewriting art history. Moreover, last night’s Benefit Preview in support of the Henry Street Settlement, which also celebrated the ADAA’s 60th anniversary, raised more than $1 million for the 130-year-old charity. Over more than three decades, The Art Show has collected over $36 million for the Henry Street Settlement.


 Sarah Peters’ Augur (2022), a bronze with silver nitrate patina sculpture, beckons us to the Nathalie Karg Gallery booth on a journey to reimagining the past with the Boston-born, Queens-based multimedia artist. An auger was an Ancient Roman religious official who observed natural signs, especially the behavior of birds, interpreting them as an indication of divine approval or disapproval of a proposed action.



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November 3, 2022