Architectural Digest: Inside a Magical Florida Home That Looks Like the Fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon - At the Miami property, lush plants meet excellent examples of Brazilian design

by Troy J. McMullen

Iranian Mexican American artist Amir Nikravan’s sinuous artwork adds another artistic element to the deeply calming living room. More such finds abound. Tightrope: I Want to Slow Down and Think, a bold, contemporary work of reclaimed electronic components by Ethiopia-born Elias Sime commands the family room, which includes Tonico chairs by Sergio Rodrigues. The pioneering Brazilian architect and designer is known for his penchant for infusing his work with traditional local materials such as leather, wood, and rattan.


Retractable floor to ceiling windows make for easy indoor-outdoor living. 


Iranian Mexican American artist Amir Nikravan created the artwork in the living room. The Los Angeles–based artist creates hybrid objects that often fuse elements of painting, photography, and sculpture together. This area of the home also includes a Petalas coffee table by Jorge Zalszupin and the Jangada armchair by Jean Gillon, the Brazilian furniture designer and artist known for employing local materials and techniques in his work.



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March 12, 2022