Artnet News: Who Are the Most Underrated Artists, Alive or Dead? 12 Leading Art-World Figures Share Their Picks

By Guillaume Kientz

The art world moves fast, with new trends, movements, and names popping up every day. The pace of change—not to mention structural biases—can leave many artists who are worthy of the spotlight in the shadows instead.

We asked 11 leading curators, museum directors, collectors, advisors and fellow artists to name a figure, alive or dead, that people should know more about, and tell us why. Here are their answers. 


Rannvá Kunoy

More people should know about Rannvá Kunoy. I first saw her work at a gallery in New York’s Lower East Side and it immediately struck me. She uses paint that shifts color, depending on your vantage point. Her art feels like it’s ever-moving and each time I view her work, I find a different meaning. 


—Andrew Roberts, contemporary art collector and CEO, Del Toro


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February 1, 2022