Hyperallergic: Miami’s Fountainhead Arts Announces Its 2022 Artists-in-Residence - Each month, an intimate cohort of contemporary artists from around the world will develop work that engages with the theme of their residency.

By Fountainhead Arts


Artists Marcellina Akpojotor, Thiago Martins de Melo, and Melissa Joseph are current artists-in-residence at Fountainhead in Miami (photo by Alex Nuñez)


Last month, Miami’s Fountainhead Arts announced it would be shifting toward thematic residencies in 2022. The move was designed to create a common thread among the artists-in-residence while offering the community a platform from which they can engage with their ideas and experiences.


Now, Fountainhead announces its 2022 artist residency selections. This roster is made up of 30 exceptional contemporary artists from around the world working across a variety of media.


“It has been truly incredible to witness Fountainhead’s evolution since I first arrived in Miami 10 years ago,” says juror Diana Nawi. “The caliber of artists whose work we both reviewed and selected for residencies is a testament to the incredible community and reputation that has formed around the organization. After a lively and dynamic selection process, many hard decisions were made; we’re incredibly happy for this year’s cohort and are excited to explore their work through this new thematic framework.”


The 2022 artist residency roster includes:


Wisdom and Energy: Multigenerational Artists | January 2022
Bridget Mullen (Maine)
Elana Herzog (New York)
Rodney Ewing (Louisiana)


Becoming an Artist is Not a Linear Path | February 2022
Bony Ramirez (Dominican Republic)
Nate Lewis (Pennsylvania)
Patricia Ayres (New York)


Celebrating Women in the Arts | March 2022
Gisela McDaniel (Nebraska)
Rashayla Michelle Brown (Ohio)
Rachel Stern (New York)


Climate and Environmental Sustainability | April 2022
Cathy Hsiao (Chicago)
Gabrielle Vitollo (Berlin)
Scott Bluedorn (New York)


Stronger Together: Partners in Life and Art | May 2022
Alejando Almanza Pereda (Mexico)
Merav and Halil (Israel)
Reiko Hamano (Japan)


Time for You: BIPOC Moms | June 2022
Angela Davis Johnson (Louisiana)
Natalie Ball (Oregon)
Shizu Saldamando


Art Heals: Social Practice | July 2022
Amy Bravo (New York)
Jarvis Boyland (Tennessee)
Priscilla Aleman (New York)


Partnering Locally to Reach Globally | August 2022
Andrey Guaianá Zignnatto (Brazil)
Ornella Pocetti (Argentina)
V. Cybil Charlier (Haiti)


Technology and New Media | September 2022
Allan Pichardo (Dominican Republic)
Joiri Minaya (Dominican)
Seung Min-Lee (Korea)


Our Stories Unite US: Celebrating Immigrant Stories | October 2022
Christian Ruiz Berman (New York/Mexico)
Eriko Tsogo (Colorado/Mongolia)
Leasho Johnson (Illinois/Jamaica)


Creative Collaborations | April and July 2022
Nestor Siré (Cuba)
Juan Carlos León (Ecuador/Mexico)

To learn more, visit fountainheadarts.org.


November 18, 2021