If Different Day is a Same Day… : A-Lounge, Seoul, Korea

by Enna Bae

다른날이 같은날이었으면
           오늘이 어제였으면
           지금이 아주아주
           조금더 전

If Different Day is a Same Day
If Today is            Yesterday
If Now is Very Very Before
Long Before    Short


August 11 - September 2, 2020

Curated by Enna Bae
기획 배은아

A-Lounge, Seoul


“If Different Day is a Same Day… is a cumulative installation of paintings, film, images and objects by Korean-American artist Sunny Kim. The exhibition was conceived through our long-distance conversations -- she was in New York, going through a difficult lockdown, while I was in Seoul. We have collaborated on two reenactment performances, Still Life (2012) and Landscape (2014). If Different Day is a Same Day …  became a rumination upon ways to make a seemingly-impossible exhibition real, leading us into an unpredictable journey of temporality. In a time when the artist felt continuing her work an unfeasible task, I wanted to convey a space that felt as if we were traversing the time she spent on her painting instead of displaying her paintings through an exhibition. If Different Day is a Same Day … exposes these points of inconsistency where we contend with a present that unveils a world made unfamiliar. […]

August 1, 2020