Telavivian: The World Of Ohad Meromi

Ohad Meromi is a force to be reckoned with in the art world. With a long and celebrated career in both Israel and the international art scene, Meromi addresses the intersection between architectural installation and sculpture, looking at community engagement through ever-shifting modes of identity and performance within shared spaces.


Ohad has spent the last years “experimenting with the idea of the stage as a conceptual space,” and has as a result has explored the interaction between a full-scale sculptural arena and amateur participants within the installation itself. The results seek to “examine the transformations that sculpture goes through when it enters the world of the stage, and the communal potentialities that such transformations carry.”  By looking at the politics of space, Meromi aims to create a common experience for participants and observers, by using dance and performance as sources for his work.


In his musings about spaces, he has created objects that serve as props for manipulation. Most recently, Meromi has been making reclining figures as an homage to Constructivist stage design, and is in the process of producing a large-scale permanent piece in New York City.


April 1, 2016