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Tim Wilson
Between Either and Or

March 2 - April 10, 2021

“Images have always been a form of haunting, but when film arrived it became possible to see the dead walking and talking, something previously only conceivable in the realms of witchcraft and myth, and though film has never lost its trace of the occult we have always attempted to tame, control or disguise it.” ―  Zadie Smith Tim Wilson Between…

X (Jesse Mockrin / Elsa Sahal)
Jesse Mockrin, Elsa Sahal

January 12 - February 20

X Jesse Mockrin / Elsa Sahal January 12 – February 20, 2021 Press release by Jonathan Griffin Nathalie Karg Gallery is pleased to present ‘X’, an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Jesse Mockrin and Elsa Sahal. ‘X’ frames a conversation between two mid-career artists, each immersed in her own philosophical, thematic and technical trajectories, who nonetheless find numerous points of dialog and exchange. ‘X’ might variously be understood…