2019 Exhibitions

The Cult of Television Images (TV works from the 70s)

November 6 - December 15, 2019

Nathalie Karg Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Mario Schifano’s Paesaggi TV’ (TV Landscapes) curated by Jennifer Bacon and Filippo Fossati. With his TV Landscapes, Mario Schifano created a cosmogony, a visual theory on painting that conveys his perception of our world and his instructions on how to make sense of it. In a world already complete, whole, making…

Jesse Mockrin
The marks of a stranger

September 13 - October 27, 2019

Nathalie Karg Gallery is pleased to present The marks of a stranger, a show of new work by Jesse Mockrin. In her second exhibition with the gallery, she continues her deep dive into the mythos enveloping culture and consciousness. The ideas and impulses that play out in her work seem to unfold in that fraught space where culture meets cosmos—the fragile, all too…

Nathlie Provosty
Water Thief

June 25 - August 9, 2019

Water Thief, Nathlie Provosty’s third solo exhibition with the gallery, features ten years of the artist’s works on paper. These pieces, almost entirely in water media, feel familiar while being completely awash in more novel reflections of form, color, and marking.   The show’s title, Water Thief, comes from the translation of the Greek word “clepsydra,” an ancient device that keeps time by measuring the flow…

Harlequins and bathers

May 3 - June 15, 2019

In her first New York solo show, French ceramicist Elsa Sahal presents a motley crew of strange and sexy clay creatures loosely inspired by Picasso’s paintings of bathers and harlequins. Blurring the line between abstraction and figuration, Sahal’s sculptures are amorphous, yet undeniably corporeal. Body fragments including legs, breasts, vulvae, phalluses and buttocks emerge from otherwise lumpen forms. Misplaced humanoid features are alternately undermined…

Seth Cameron

February 20 - April 7, 2019

Nathalie Karg Gallery is pleased to present “Sunless,” a solo exhibition by the painter and writer Seth Cameron, his second with the gallery. Chris Marker’s 1983 essay film, “Sunless,” is a rumination on the capacity of images to suspend time, to thwart the drive of narrative toward resolution. The film posits the gaps and misdirections of memory as “things that quicken the heart.”…

Joe Fyfe
But a flag has flown away

January 4 - February 10, 2019

The title of the exhibition is meant to evoke materiality, lightness and distance, qualities important to my practice. It is a phrase taken from “Exiled Grace,” one of the poems in the book Calligrammes (1913-1916) by Guillaume Apollinaire, written while he was a soldier serving in World War I. Each painting utilizes a poem from the book. Il Pleut came about capriciously. I imposed the…