Paul Hosking (b.1976 in Plymouth, UK) is a London based artist. He studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College. Paul is an artist working in a wide range of media including mirrored acrylics, extruded aluminium, paint, etched glass, cast iron and gold leaf. His work involves a number of computerised techniques from industrial laser cutting, CNC routing and powder coating. These techniques are used alongside extremely intricate processes, all completed by hand, in which hundreds of individual parts are cut and inlayed together to form large picture planes composed of paint and mirror.


His paintings and sculptures are explorations of the complex visual and psychological implications of mirrored surfaces. Hosking’s work compels us to look both at the mirror as object and into the mirror as reflection. They explore the constant slippage between what is on the surface and what is beyond, in the reflection.


Hosking’s work has exhibited internationally at numerous galleries such as Andreas Thalmann Gallery (Zurich), Michael Fuchs Gallery (Berlin), Galleria Leme (Sao Paulo), Karyn Lovegrove Gallery (Los Angeles), The Economist Sculpture Plaza (London), Becks Futures (ICA, London), and Heart and Soul (London and Los Angeles).