Joe Fyfe – Claude Viallat, parasols, an interview on l’Essor de la Loire

Joe Fyfe and Claude Viallat share insights on their Saint-Etienne show, interviewed by Daniel Brignon

Amir Nikravan’s upcoming show, Neutral rainbow

Amir Nikravan’s new show will be displayed in London from 25 January to 28 February 2019

Joe Fyfe, But a flag has flown away reviewed by David Cohen on Artcritical

Here is David Cohen’s review of Joe Fyfe’s show, But a flag has flown away

Joe Fyfe’s article on Brutalism featured in Hyperallergic

Check out Joe Fyfe’s new article on Brutalism published in Hyperallergic.

Joe Fyfe, an Artforum must see

Artforum classifying Joe Fyfe’s “But a flag has flown away” as a must see.

Jim Drain’s “Zapf Dingbats” covered by the Broadway World

The Broadway World reports on Jim Drain’s upcoming exhibition at Nina Johnson Gallery and discusses the artist’s style and technique.

Amir Nikravan featured in Apparatus Studio’s showroom

New sculpture by Amir Nikravan is included in Apparatus Studio’s newest outpost in Los Angeles.

Charles Schultz from the Brooklyn Rail in conversation with James English Leary

On the occasion of his solo debut at Nathalie Karg Gallery, James English Leary talks with Charles Schultz from the Brooklyn Rail about his career and artistic ambitions, the legacy of Philip Guston and future projects.

Il Torinese covers Nathlie Provosty’s show at the Museo del Risorgimento in Turin

Gianni Milani talks about Nathlie Provosty’s monumental painting Life of Forms and the poetic qualities of her shapes and colors: “Her art is daring, as it evokes an other-worldliness that plays with the audience’s expectations. We are encouraged to interact with Provosty’s paintings without being able to fully understand their deepest meaning.”

Heidi Hahn’s First Solo Show At Nathalie Karg Gallery in March 2020

Heidi Hahn is represented by Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles and Nathalie Karg Gallery in New York. As Artnews reports, the New York-based artist will have her first solo show at Nathalie Karg Gallery in March 2020.

Carl D’Alvia Selected For “The 2019 deCordova Biennial”

Carl D’Alvia has been selected to participate in “The 2019 deCordova Biennial”, opening on April 5, 2019. His artworks will be on view through September 15, 2019.

Dorian Gaudin’s “The Coffee Cup Spring” featured in Time Out – New York

The current exhibition “The Coffee Cup Spring” by French-American artist Dorian Gaudin is covered by Time Out – New York.

Nathlie Provosty at Turin’s “Museo del Risorgimento”

Nathlie Provosty’s work, Life of Forms (2017) is on view at the Museo del Risorgimento in Turin, Italy, until January 6th, 2019. While conveying the intimacy and poetical attention of her small-scale works, Life of Forms is the largest painting the artist has realized so far.

Dorian Gaudin Featured in Artforum

The Guangzhou Triennial releases the artist list for its sixth edition which will take place at the Guangzhou Museum from December 21, 2018 to March 10, 2019. Among the 49 artists represented will be French-American artist Dorian Gaudin who is currently having his solo show at Nathalie Karg Gallery in New York.

Gamaliel Rodriguez Featured in Art in America

The relationship between memory, awareness, and the physical state of Puerto Rico after the hurricane is key to understanding life post-Maria.

The “Coffee Cup Spring” Reviewed By Louis Bury From The Brooklyn Rail

Louis Bury from the Brooklyn Rail covers Dorian Gaudin’s show at Nathalie Karg Gallery. In Bury’s view, the “Coffee Cup Spring” reflects “a compelling sign of growth in a body of work that trades on the tension between subtlety and spectacle.”

Jessica Craig-Martin to donate artwork for Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

Jessica Craig-Martin is among 50 well-known artists who donate work to support Pro-LGBTQ candidates.

Dorian Gaudin featured in Artforum

The coffee cup Spring by Dorian Gaudin featured in the critics’ picks on Artforum. Mira Dayal writes: “This emphasis on synthesis and orders of operation was particularly important to Gaudin; rather than applying wallpaper to a support or affixing wood paneling to drywall, the artist made the smooth fiberglass simulacra first, then tore them from their supports and affixed new backings. Though these additional steps perform little critical work, they do infuse the exhibition with a sense of fun, à la Rube Goldberg.”

Jessica Craig-Martin at Saatchi Gallery: The “Black Mirror” exhibition covered by The Express

Neela Debnath from The Express covers the recently opened exhibition “Black Mirrors” at Saatchi Gallery in London where artist Jessica Craig-Martin presents her view of society in a selection of photographs.

Dorian Gaudin featured in NY Art Beat

Continuing the work Dorian Gaudin produced for the exhibition Rites and Aftermath (Palais de Tokyo, 2017) the artist’s second solo exhibition at Nathalie Karg Gallery is comprised of, as a base structure, a long rolling conveyer belt. Its chains maintain fragments of architectural elements and floating mundane objects such as a coffee cup.

Gamaliel Rodriguez Featured in The New York Times

One year later, artists in Puerto Rico and those attached to the island talk about how the devastation and its aftermath influenced their work.

The coffee cup Spring is a must see for Artforum

The coffee cup Spring, Dorian Gaudin’s second solo show, is on view until Oct. 21. It is a must see for Artforum.

Jessica Craig-Martin featured on the cover of Art New England

Sara Baker reviews “The Safety of Objects,” a two-person show with Jessica and Michael Craig-Martin at the Bundy Modern, writing “Together, father and daughter (in their first show together) portray our consumer culture–from the mundane to the excess.”

‘Distortions’ featured in the New York Times

Jillian Steinhauer included ‘Distortions’ in What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week, writing “the 16 contributors… playfully use the body to render the complexity, comedy and vulnerability of our condition.”

Dorian Gaudin included in ‘Liquid Dreams’ at Ghebaly Gallery

Liquid Dreams‘ is open from July 13 to August 10 and also includes new work by Genesis Belanger, Davide Balula, and Neïl Beloufa.

Jim Drain mural, Snake Pit, at Coney Art Walls

Jim Drain included in Coney Art Walls, an ongoing exhibition of outdoor street art in Coney Island open from 12-8 pm daily through September that is free to the public.

Gamaliel Rodríguez in ‘Contemporánea Internacional’ at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

‘Contemporánea Internacional’ is an ongoing exhibition at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico featuring works from private Puerto Rican collections, and also includes Kara Walker, Maurizio Cattelan, Damien Hirst, and Cindy Sherman.

Rannva Kunoy in ‘Known Unknowns’ at Saatchi Gallery

Rannva Kunnoy is included in the show ‘Known Unknowns,’ a diverse group of selections from the permanent collection at the Saatchi Gallery in London, recently covered in Euro News.

Al Held, Al Held in Paris, 1952-53, Featured In The Brooklyn Rail

Tom McGlynn writes for The Brooklyn Rail: “Al Held moved to Paris in the early 1950s where he was part of a loose-knit expatriate community of American painters that included Joan Mitchell and Sam Francis. Mitchell, Francis and Held all had in common a determination to pit their personal stylistic development against the then coalescing dominance of Abstract Expressionism and the New York School.”

Amir Nikravan, World of Interiors, In Art In America

World of Interiors at Various Small Fires in Los Angeles reviewed by Jennifer S. Li in Art in America. She writes: “Nikravan turned Stone’s motif into wall-mounted and pedestal-based objects that have the vivid colors and lush curves of Frank Stella’s “Protractor Paintings,” the restrained minimalism of Donald Judd’s sculptures, and the playfulness of Richard Artschwager’s “blps.”

Cecile Casablanca’s Edition Swimwear Offers Alternative Prints

Designer Cecile Casablancas is creating a new line of swimsuits with alternative, daring, and original prints from artists including : Caitlin Keogh, Jim Drain, Bozidar Brazda, and Servane Mary.

Blouin ArtInfo’s “Top Shows in NYC”

Blouin ArtInfo’s “Top Shows in NYC” includes Nathalie Karg’s joint show with Cheim & Read, “ Al Held: Paris to New York, 1952−1959.” This  exhibition of  Al Held’s 27 experimental works in pigment and wax will be presented across the two galleries, with the Nathalie Karg Gallery featuring the artist’s work made in Paris in 1952−53, and Cheim & Read covering the years 1954 to 1959.

Aubry Broquard Included In The Show “Clay Today” At The Hole

Included in New York Times must see shows of the summer was Aubry Broquard’s Superficial Paintings, Modern Contradiction. 

Art Break: Imaginative Models at MoMa, Exhibits at the Frick, with Galleries

An “unusual” collaboration that promises to be one of the highlights of the season at Nathalie Karg Gallery: Al Held: Paris to New York 1952-1953 (May 2-June 15) ,  and Cheim & Read, Al Held: Paris to New York 1954-1959 (May 17-July 6) displaying abstract canvases from Al Held’s early years.

Joe Fyfe is Included in Art2Cure, New York City

Art2Cure is a non- for profit organization founded in Luxembourg in 2015, that creates exhibits in Europe and the U.S. They equally support arts and sciences by splitting the proceeds from sold art equally between artists and researchers. On May 21-24, 2018 Art2Cure will host an art exhibition with Luxembourg, and N.Y. based artists in the Ronald Feldman Gallery in SoHo.

Al Held in Paris 1952-1953

Cheim & Read and Nathalie Karg Gallery are pleased to present Al Held: Paris to New York, 1952−1959, an exhibition of experimental works in pigment and wax that anticipate the painter’s well-known, epic-scaled geometric abstractions. The show is running May 2, 2018-June 15, 2018.

Joe Fyfe Is Included In The BAM Auction Sale On May 30 at 9 PM at Pioneer Works

The 2018 BAM Art Auction is the annual gala after party hosted by the BAM Young Producers, featuring artist installations, refreshments, and a special performance by the musical guest Yeasayer. Proceeds from artworks sold in this year’s auction will help to honor Joseph V. Melillo, for his thirty-six years of pioneering artist leadership at BAM.

Nathlie Provosty Is Included In The Show “Bui Jensen Lewczuk Provosty” At Maruani Mercier

Nathlie Provosty’s artworks will be included in the show “Bui Jensen Lewczuk Provosty” at Maruani Mercier in Brussels, Belgium. The show will be open from April 18th to May 19th, 2018.

Aubry Broquard Is Included In The Show “Clay Today” At The Hole

The Hole announced their show “Clay Today” featuring works in ceramic by emerging and established artists. Opening April 10th and running until May 6th, 2018. 


Nathlie Provosty, My Pupil is an Anvil, Featured in the Brooklyn Rail

Will Fenstermaker writes for The Brooklyn Rail: “Surfaces that first appear like deep voids, upon looking, tessellate further depth. Contingent upon this visual presence, shades of glittering purples and reds, or yellows and perhaps a glimpse of peach, shimmer into perspective as if the canvas was made of wet velvet. Provosty’s paintings contain within them a kind of totality.”

Rannva Kunoy Featured In Artlyst

Rannva Kunoy’s artworks will be included in the Saatchi Gallery exhibition Known Unknowns opening on March 21 and running through June 24, 2018.

Nathlie Provosty Featured in Delicious Line

William Corwin reviews Nathlie Provosty’s new show ‘My Pupil is an Anvil’ on view until April 15, 2018.

Rannva Kunoy Is Included In The Show ‘Known Unknowns’ At Saatchi Gallery

Known Unknowns showcases an international selection of artists from the Saatchi Gallery’s Collection. The Exhibition features a diverse range of art forms including painting, sculpture, video and mixed media, with a particular focus on the craft of art-making.

Amir Nikravan Solo Exhibition At Various Small Fires In Los Angeles

World of Interiors, an exhibition by Amir Nikravan, will be up at Various Small Fires in LA from March 3 to April 28, 2018

Joe Fyfe is included in The SculptureCenter benefit sale Lucky Draw 2018 on Tuesday, April 17

Lucky Draw is a one of a kind art raffle that guarantees that each and every ticket holder goes home with a work of art! This fast-paced one-night event offers first-time and seasoned collectors access to artworks by top emerging and established talent and funds raised support SculptureCenter’s ambitious programming.

Gamaliel Rodriguez featured in KPRENSA

KPRENSA reviewed Gamaliel Rodriguez’s show, Uncertainty Gates. On view at the gallery until February 18, 2018.

Gamaliel Rodriguez is one of the best free art exhibitions in NYC

TimeOut recommends you to see Uncertainty Gates, the first New York solo exhibition of Puerto Rican based artist Gamaliel Rodriguez.

Joe Fyfe Solo Exhibition At Ceysson & Bénétière In Wandhaff, Luxembourg

The Sky Eats Up The Trees, the new solo exhibition by Joe Fyfe is on view in Wandhaff, Luxembourg from January 13 to March 03, 2018.

First New York solo exhibition of artist Gamaliel Rodriguez opens at Nathalie Karg Gallery

In each drawing, modest materials—paper, pencil, and felt tip pen—become greater than the sum of their parts, with melancholy grey and cerulean hues bringing the landscapes to life. Delicate tensions abound: arial views suggest a cold distance, while meticulous mark making reveals the hand of the artist, drawing us ever closer.

Polaroids: the Disappearing Featuring in Der Spiegel

Polaroids: the Disappearing is featured in Spiegel Online, “Fotostrecke” section.

DuJour reviewed Polaroids: The Disappearing

Kasey Caminiti writes for DuJour:”Nathalie Karg Gallery presents a kaleidoscope of historically significant Polaroids from various artists. Until January 5, 2018 Polaroids: The Disappearing will be on display, offering an inside look at what was once a revolutionary technology and the most exciting way to capture a moment in time. Click through the gallery for a peak at the exhibit.”

Polaroids: The Disappearing Featured in Wall Street International

Wall Street International recommends you to come see our Polaroid show during the Holiday.

Polaroids: The Disappearing in TimeOut’s top five New York art shows this week

Before Instagram provided instant gratification to shutterbugs, Polaroids filled the same function. This show offers examples from dozens of artists.

Joe Fyfe Featuring in Gotham magazine

Joe Fyfe is one of the five preeminent New York-based, Artadia Award-winning artists who welcomed Gotham magazine into his studio to chat about his practices.

Show & Tell: The Artists of ‘Engender’ Are Reimagining How Painters Depict Gender

Henri Neuendorf writes for artnet: “Jesse Mockrin’s oil-on-canvas compositions are sharp riffs on the visual language of Rococo portraiture that imagine new, androgynous, or unisexual protagonists.”

Carl D’Alvia included in the Istituto Italiano di Cultura exhibition Now Here is Nowhere

Now Here is Nowhere, opening November 7, is a creative dialog between American and Italian artists. It will feature the work of Carl D’Alvia, Jackie Saccoccio, Nari Ward, Giuseppe Stampone, Eugenio Tibaldi and Tomaso De Luca.

Nathlie Provosty included in After the Fall at Peter Blum Gallery

After the Fall opens at Peter Blum Gallery (20 West 57th Street) on October 27 and runs through November 27, 2017. Artists in the exhibition include Judith Berstein, Chris Marker, Huma Bhabha, Clifford Owens, Louise Bourgeois, Enoc Perez, Francesco Clemente, Nathlie Provosty, Otto Dix, Daniel Rich, Matthew Day Jackson, Joyce Scott, Esthe Klas, Yukinori Yanagi.

Maura Brewer responds to Amir Nikravan’s review

The Brooklyn Rail published Maura Brewer’s response to Ian Cofre’s review of Amir Nikravan’s Rational Design.

Amir Nikravan’s Rational Design Reviewed by the Brooklyn Rail

Ian Cofre writes,”Los Angeles based artist Amir Nikravan has taken a singular, pill-like form he encountered in Pasadena’s Stuart Building—a site originally known as the Stuart Pharmaceutical Company Office and Plant (1958)—and he’s given it a treatment of rupture and reconfiguration for Rational Design, his first solo show at Karg Gallery.”

Cincala Art Advisory Interviews Amir Nikravan about his exhibition Rational Design

In this interview , Amir Nikravan explains the process and inspiration for the works included in Rational Design.

Sight Unseen Names Amir Nikravan’s Rational Design This Week’s Must See Exhibition

Jill Singer writes, “Amir Nikravan‘s exhibition “Rational Design,” on view now at Nathalie Karg gallery in New York, is the third exhibition we’ve featured in the past week exploring the relationship between painting and sculpture. But of all the artists we’ve written about, Nikravan seems the most interested in collapsing that boundary entirely.”

Singing Stones is reviewed by Time Out Chicago

Zach Long writes, “Aside from a trio of humorously gyrating metallic sculptures by French artist Dorian Gaudin located in an attached wing of the Roundhouse, nothing else in the exhibition quite matches the spectacle of the aforementioned works—not to mention the grandeur of the venue.”

Amir Nikravan Featured in Blouinartinfo

Blouinartinfo reviewed Amir Nikravan’s show, Rational Design. On view at the gallery until October 15, 2017.

Dorian Gaudin included in Singing Stoned curated by Palais de Tokyo

Singing Stones, curated by the Palais de Tokyo’s Katell Jaffrès, brings together 11 emerging artists from both the French and Chicago art scenes, as part of the first Hors les Murs exhibition in the United States, in partnership with the Institut français.

Seth Cameron paintings exhibited at Leila Heller Gallery

Seth Cameron’s No paintings will be included in Leila Heller‘s exhibition Grisaille.

Gamaliel Rodríguez Captures the Inevitable DECAY of Civilization Through an Aerial View

Daniel A. Brown writes in Folio Magazine,”Societies rise and fall through evolution and entropy, the latter a universal principle of inevitable collapse, more certain than any progress. Visual artist Gamaliel Rodríguez chronicles this decay viewed from the sky, shifting through the rubble from the vantage point of 1,000 feet.”

Crisp-Ellert Art Museum launches new academic year with Gamaliel Rodriguez’s work

The Crisp-Ellert Art Museum at Flagler College will kick off the 2017-2018 academic year with Gamaliel Rodriguez’s exhibition, “A Third Way to Look at You.” 

Nicholas Frank is named the Rivard Report‘s first full-time arts and culture reporter

The Rivard Report states that artist Nicholas Frank will cover the performing arts, major exhibitions, museums, and festivals; profile artists and their work; write about the role of the arts in education and society; and explore stories that reflect the city and region’s unique cultures and qualities.

Dorian Gaudin’s work will be included in the Palais de Tokyo’s off-site exhibition Singing Stones

The Palais de Tokyo will present an exhibition in Chicago, Singing Stones, that brings together thirteen artists, including a designer, and explores the multiple relationships between art and architecture. The exhibition, which will take place from September 13 through October 29, 2017, will include work by Wilfrid Almendra, Daniel G. Baird, Bouchra Khalili, Dorian Gaudin, Lola Gonzalez, Guillaume Leblon, Floating Museum, Florian Pugnaire & David Raffini, Andrew Schachman, Cauleen Smith, Thomas Teurlai, Raphael Zarka.

Hyperallergic reviews Carl D’Alvia’s current exhibition at Helena Anrather

John Yau reviews CarlJackieSteveMichelle, an exhibition at Helena Anrather featuring the work of 2 artist couples who are also good friends: Carl D’Alvia, Jackie Saccoccio, Michelle Segre and Steve DiBenedetto.

Wayne Ngan + Gordon Payne exhibition at Macaulay & Co Fine Art

Wayne Ngan’s work will be on view at Macaulay & Co. until August 4.

Seth Cameron “No Paintings” Featured In Blouinartinfo

Blouinartinfo featured Seth Cameron, “No Paintings” at Nathalie Karg Gallery.

Gamaliel Rodríguez will be included in La Mar de Músicas

La Mar de Músicas is curating an exhibition titled “Ilumina nuestra frontera”, which includes artists Liliana Porter, Sandra Gamarra, Pablo Vargas Lugo, Felipe Ehrenberg, Tania Bruguera, Waltércio Caldas, Vik Muniz, Alfredo Jaar, Santiago Sierra, Gamaliel Rodríguez, Jonathan Hernández, Jorge Pineda, Yoshua Okón, Rosángela Renno and Regina José Galindo. It will be on view at the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena until August 31, 2017.

Interview with Nathlie Provosty in Fruit of the Forest

Fruit of the Forest contributor Federica Tattoli interviewed Nathlie Provosty on the occasion of her solo exhibition “Life of Forms” at Apalazzo Gallery, in Brescia, Italy. The exhibition is on view through September 23rd, 2017.

Carl D’Alvia in Group Exhibition at Helena Anrather

Carl D’Alvia is included in the group exhibition entitled “CarlJackieSteveMichelle” which will be showing at Helena Anrather in Manhattan from June 29th to August 5th, 2017.

Seth Cameron “No Paintings” Featured in Wall Street International

Wall Street International featured Seth Cameron, “No Paintings” at Nathalie Karg Gallery. The exhibition will be up through August 2nd, 2017.

Aubry/Broquard included in FIGURED OUT! Bodily Form in Contemporary Ceramics

Aubry/Broquard are going to be included in the exhibit FIGURED OUT! Bodily Form in Contemporary Ceramics, an exhibition of ceramics in Gallery One curated by Andrew Rafacz and Nataliya Kotlova.

Nathlie Provosty in Group Exhibition curated by Alex Katz at Colby Museum of Art

Visionary Painting, a group exhibition curated by Alex Katz at the Colby Museum of Art in Maine features work by Nathlie Provosty. The exhibition opens June 1st, 2017 and will be on view through August 27th, 2017.

Jim Drain, Utopia Muscle in Art in America

Utopia Muscle at Nathalie Karg Gallery in New York reviewed by Brian Droitcour in Art in America.

Dorian Gaudin in Group Exhibition at LVH ART

What’s Up New York, a group exhibition featuring work by Dorian Gaudin, will be up through May 26th, 2017 at LVH ART in New York City.

Dorian Gaudin solo exhibition at Dittrich & Schlechtriem in Berlin, Germany

Dirty Hands On, an exhibition by Dorian Gaudin, will be up at Dittrich & Schlechtriem in Berlin through June 24th, 2017.

Jim Drain, Utopia Muscle featured on TIMEOUT, New York

TIMEOUT New York featured Jim Drain, Utopia Muscle at Nathalie Karg Gallery.

Gamaliel Rodriguez selected by The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts for its international Artist-in-Residence program

The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts has announced that they have selected Gamaliel Rodriguez for its International Artist-in-Residence Program taking place May 24–August 11, 2017, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Solo Exhibition by Jim Drain at The Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach, Florida

Chess Tables, the solo exhibition by Jim Drain is on view in Miami Beach through June 30th, 2018.

Nathlie Provosty Solo Exhibition At APALAZZOGALLERY In Brescia, Italy

Life of Forms, the new solo exhibition by Nathlie Provosty is on view in Brescia, Italy from May 20 to September 23.

Solo Exhibition By Joe Fyfe At LOVAAS, Munich

No Puppet Performance, the new solo exhibition by Joe Fyfe will be on view from May 18, 2017 at LOVAAS