Fog Fair brings the Art World to San Francisco

For San Francisco’s social set, detoxing the entire month of January is out of the question. Fog Fair, a contemporary art show, takes place January 16 to 19, and its preview gala on Wednesday, January 15, is not to be missed.

Forty-eight galleries are participating in the fair; six are first-timers at the event. The new galleries include London’s Gallery Fumi; New York’s Lehmann Maupin, Nathalie Karg Gallery, and Tina Kim Gallery; Rio de Janeiro’s Mercado Moderno, and local favorite Jenkins Johnson Gallery. 

Print Club Ldt, Our Favorite Exhibitions of 2019

This exquisite show made it into our Blobs of New York roundup and it was probably the stand-out from that group. To pull a marvelous quote from the exhibition text “Body fragments including legs, breasts, vulvae, phalluses and buttocks emerge from otherwise lumpen forms. Misplaced humanoid features are alternately undermined and accentuated by Sahal’s artful glazing technique—whereby drips, smears and sheens read both as painterly gestures and various bodily secretions.”

Whitewall, Sharon Zoldan Shares her Six Artists to Watch from Miami

This London-based artist has been on Zoldan’s radar for about a year now. The paintings appear to possess a translucent, eerie quality—an iridescence that make the viewer contemplate material and process. She applies nearly 20 layers of crystal pigment-paint that shift in color. How she creates this exact effect eludes us.

Mass Moca, Gamaliel Rodríguez, La Traversía/Le voyage

Rodríguez is currently working on a new 60-foot work on paper for MASS MoCA’s Hunter Hallway. Inspired by his experience of North Adams and its post-industrial landscape during his time in the museum’s studio residency program, Rodríguez’s drawing conflates the repurposed architecture of MASS MoCA’s large, former-factory complex with architecture of Puerto Rico and other locations from around the globe.

Artforum, Transmissions

Nathlie Provosty’s Triptych (x), 2019, which despite its title is a diptych, had an immediately noticeable exquisiteness. The painting’s smooth surface consists of layers of yellow in many subtly different tonal variations, demarcating rectilinear and curving forms. 

Artland, Lob des Lernens

With the exhibition Lob des Lernens, Joe Fyfe presents his latest group of works at Galerie Christian Lethert. The discovery of Berthold Brecht’s poetry inspired the New York based artist to integrate text fragments into his paintings made of various fabrics and thus create poetic collages.

Street Art – Joe Fyfe

STREET ART est une exposition dans l’espace public samedi 16 novembre 2019 entre midi et minuit, rue Louis Delgrès dans le 20eme arrondissement à Paris. 

CBC, Machines of Chance: How casino culture plays with us

New York artist Jane Dickson has made a series of paintings in Las Vegas casinos. She finds that the maze-like design of casinos feeds our self-destructive compulsions.

Curator, Heidi Hahn: Interview with Amanda Quinn Olivar

In an interview with Curator’s editor Amanda Quinn Olivar, Heidi Hahn breaks down her creative process and her relationship with painting.

New York Times, New York Galleries: What to See Right Now

“But most of all it’s a brilliant demonstration of how dramatically we can change our perspective on art history without changing the history itself”, writes Will Heinrich in the New York Times.

OTP Copenhagen short-forms: Forrest Kirk

An interview with the LA-based painter Forrest Kirk.

Near-death, Courbet copy paintings and the Elite Motif.

Jane Dickson remembers an era when street art and fine art collided.

Why the Time Square of Yesteryear Is Still Inspiring Jane Dickson.

LSU Museum of Art – A Conversation with Heidi Hahn

LSU MOA curator, Courtney Taylor in an interview with Heidi Hahn about her artistic process and the content of her paintings.

Nathlie Provosty’s third show with the gallery

Water Thief  reviewed on Less Than Half

Heidi Hahn at LSU Museum of Art

Heidi Hahn features in a new exhibition at LSU Museum of Art, titled “Semblance: The Public, Private, Shared Self.” The show explores how we negotiate representations of self in public, private and shared spaces through the work of three contemporary painters. Hahn’s large-scale oil paintings feature women lost in their interiority, aloof from public demands on women. The women eschew smiling and move through the distractions and mundanity of daily life while Hahn’s rich layers of dripping color signal the emotional depth of their private psychological space. On view June 27 through October 6, 2019.

Nathlie Provosty featured in SFMoMA’s permanent collection

Nathlie Provosty’s work is currently on view at SFMoMA—alongside legends like Ruth Asawa, Frida Kahlo, and Henri Matisse— as part of the museum’s ongoing exhibition, Open Ended: Painting and Sculpture, 1900 to now. The presentation of work focuses specifically on painting and sculpture that has “shaped the history of modern art from the early twentieth century to our own time.”

Highbrow + brilliant: Elsa Sahal in New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix

For the week of June 10, 2019, Elsa Sahal’s “Harlequins and Bathers” was included in New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix as both highbrow and brilliant—where “Picasso meets Gumby.”

Nathlie Provosty in “Downtown Painting”

Peter Freeman, Inc. presents “Downtown Painting,” including a work by Nathlie Provosty.

Heidi Hahn at Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art

Heidi Hahn is included in the group show, “Certain Women”, at Houston’s Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art.

James English Leary at Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer

Arte Fuse discusses James English Leary’s current show at Galerie Kandlhofer.

What’s On View at Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer?

Widewalls features James English Leary’s solo show, “Small Fishes Swim Around Inside of Large Fishes,” and the group show organized by Leary, “The Picture is a Forest,” at Galerie Kandlhofer.

MacDowell Colony Names 93 Summer Fellows, Including Heidi Hahn

Heidi Hahn is one of 93 fellows, selected by the arts organization, to receive a $10,000 grant, among artists of a variety of disciplines.

Heidi Hahn Illustrates Anaïs Nin’s “Mallorca”

MARIA†.editions publishes an edition of Nin’s short story with illustrations by Hahn, accompanied by a conversation with the artist.

Heidi Hahn Interview, Burn Out in Shredded Heaven

Heidi Hahn is interviewed by Amanda Quinn Olivar regarding her show at Kohn Gallery and her process.

Rannva Kunoy at The Hole NYC

Rannva Kunoy is included in the group show, Post Analog Studio, at The Hole NYC, through May 19.

Nathalie Karg Gallery presents Elsa Sahal

Destig announces Elsa Sahal’s new show, Harlequins and Bathers at Nathalie Karg Gallery, starting May 1.

Bodies dissolve into blobs; figures into forms: in conversation with James English Leary

ArtMaze Mag speaks with James English Leary on his work and process.

Heidi Hahn: Things to do in LA

The Los Angeles Daily News includes Heidi Hahn’s solo show, “Burn Out in Shredded Heaven” at Kohn Gallery, in its recommendations of exhibitions to see in the area.

Heidi Hahn’s Solo Exhibition in LA Times

Heidi Hahn’s “Burn Out in Shredded Heaven” at Kohn Gallery is featured in the Los Angeles Times.

Heidi Hahn’s “Burnout in Shredded Heaven” at LA’s Kohn Gallery

Heidi Hahn’s first solo exhibition, “Burnout in Shredded Heaven,” opens April 6 at Los Angeles’ Kohn Gallery, through May 23, 2019.

Amir Nikravan to Speak at West Week 2019

Amir Nikravan talks with David Netto in conversation with Patrick Frey, chairman and creative director of Pierre Frey, for the “Artisans Revealed: Sharing Your Own Brand Story” featured on Architectural digest.

Dorian Gaudin’s Miami group show

Room for failure, curated by Omar López-Chahoud, through May 19.

James English Leary’s French entrance in Montreal at Parisian laundry

Cult mtl featuring James English Leary’s Montreal exhibition

Dorian Gaudin’s new group show, Room for Failure, opens February 21 in Miami

Room for Failure, curated by Omar López-Chahoud will show at Piero Atchugarry up until May 19.

Gamaliel Rodriguez’s new Memorias Manipuladas on Leaf Chronicle

Charles Booth talks Rodriguez’s new show at the New Gallery, Austin Peay State University.

Heihi Hahn’s London group show “Out of this world” in Elephant

The Elephant discusses Heidi Hahn’s approach to femininity in her practice.

Gamaliel Rodriguez’s solo show “Memorias manipuladas” opens February 18 in Austin Peay State University’s New Gallery

A reception will be held on March 13 with the artist in the Clarksville, Tennessee institution.

Elsa Sahal new group show “Clayborn” in Paris

“Clayborn” opens February 14 at Lefebvre et Fils gallery from 6pm to 9pm

Jim Drain’s solo show “Half a hole” opens February 3

Half a hole will present new work by Jim Drain from February 3 – March 30 in Los Angeles at Parker Gallery.

Elsa Sahal on Art contemporain en Bretagne

Cloune, Elsa Sahal’s duo show with Guillaume Pinard makes a feature on art contemporain en Bretagne.

But a flag has flown away, Two coats of paint review

Heather Bause Rubinstein reviews Joe Fyfe’s show on Two coats of paint.

Amir Nikravan awarded by the California Community Foundation

Amir Nikravan amongst this year awardees of the 2019 Fellowship for Visual Art from the California Community Foundation in partnership with the J Paul Getty Trust

Nicholas Frank’s “Texas Skips” part of Dallas’ Sweet Pass Sculpture Park’ “away message” group show

Sweet Pass Sculpture Park presents Away Message, a group sound exhibition featuring Nicholas Frank’s Texas Skips, a variation on his Greatest Skips LP, collecting skips on vinyl records the artist has collected since relocating to San Antonio.

Joe Fyfe – Claude Viallat, parasols, an interview on l’Essor de la Loire

Joe Fyfe and Claude Viallat share insights on their Saint-Etienne show, interviewed by Daniel Brignon

Amir Nikravan’s upcoming show, Neutral rainbow

Amir Nikravan’s new show will be displayed in London from 25 January to 28 February 2019

Joe Fyfe, But a flag has flown away reviewed by David Cohen on Artcritical

Here is David Cohen’s review of Joe Fyfe’s show, But a flag has flown away

Joe Fyfe’s article on Brutalism featured in Hyperallergic

Check out Joe Fyfe’s new article on Brutalism published in Hyperallergic.

Joe Fyfe, an Artforum must see

Artforum classifying Joe Fyfe’s “But a flag has flown away” as a must see.

Jim Drain’s “Zapf Dingbats” covered by the Broadway World

The Broadway World reports on Jim Drain’s upcoming exhibition at Nina Johnson Gallery and discusses the artist’s style and technique.

Amir Nikravan featured in Apparatus Studio’s showroom

New sculpture by Amir Nikravan is included in Apparatus Studio’s newest outpost in Los Angeles.

Charles Schultz from the Brooklyn Rail in conversation with James English Leary

On the occasion of his solo debut at Nathalie Karg Gallery, James English Leary talks with Charles Schultz from the Brooklyn Rail about his career and artistic ambitions, the legacy of Philip Guston and future projects.

Il Torinese covers Nathlie Provosty’s show at the Museo del Risorgimento in Turin

Gianni Milani talks about Nathlie Provosty’s monumental painting Life of Forms and the poetic qualities of her shapes and colors: “Her art is daring, as it evokes an other-worldliness that plays with the audience’s expectations. We are encouraged to interact with Provosty’s paintings without being able to fully understand their deepest meaning.”

Heidi Hahn’s First Solo Show At Nathalie Karg Gallery in March 2020

Heidi Hahn is represented by Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles and Nathalie Karg Gallery in New York. As Artnews reports, the New York-based artist will have her first solo show at Nathalie Karg Gallery in March 2020.

Carl D’Alvia Selected For “The 2019 deCordova Biennial”

Carl D’Alvia has been selected to participate in “The 2019 deCordova Biennial”, opening on April 5, 2019. His artworks will be on view through September 15, 2019.

Dorian Gaudin’s “The Coffee Cup Spring” featured in Time Out – New York

The current exhibition “The Coffee Cup Spring” by French-American artist Dorian Gaudin is covered by Time Out – New York.

Nathlie Provosty at Turin’s “Museo del Risorgimento”

Nathlie Provosty’s work, Life of Forms (2017) is on view at the Museo del Risorgimento in Turin, Italy, until January 6th, 2019. While conveying the intimacy and poetical attention of her small-scale works, Life of Forms is the largest painting the artist has realized so far.

Dorian Gaudin Featured in Artforum

The Guangzhou Triennial releases the artist list for its sixth edition which will take place at the Guangzhou Museum from December 21, 2018 to March 10, 2019. Among the 49 artists represented will be French-American artist Dorian Gaudin who is currently having his solo show at Nathalie Karg Gallery in New York.

Gamaliel Rodriguez Featured in Art in America

The relationship between memory, awareness, and the physical state of Puerto Rico after the hurricane is key to understanding life post-Maria.

The “Coffee Cup Spring” Reviewed By Louis Bury From The Brooklyn Rail

Louis Bury from the Brooklyn Rail covers Dorian Gaudin’s show at Nathalie Karg Gallery. In Bury’s view, the “Coffee Cup Spring” reflects “a compelling sign of growth in a body of work that trades on the tension between subtlety and spectacle.”

Jessica Craig-Martin to donate artwork for Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

Jessica Craig-Martin is among 50 well-known artists who donate work to support Pro-LGBTQ candidates.

Dorian Gaudin featured in Artforum

The coffee cup Spring by Dorian Gaudin featured in the critics’ picks on Artforum. Mira Dayal writes: “This emphasis on synthesis and orders of operation was particularly important to Gaudin; rather than applying wallpaper to a support or affixing wood paneling to drywall, the artist made the smooth fiberglass simulacra first, then tore them from their supports and affixed new backings. Though these additional steps perform little critical work, they do infuse the exhibition with a sense of fun, à la Rube Goldberg.”

Jessica Craig-Martin at Saatchi Gallery: The “Black Mirror” exhibition covered by The Express

Neela Debnath from The Express covers the recently opened exhibition “Black Mirrors” at Saatchi Gallery in London where artist Jessica Craig-Martin presents her view of society in a selection of photographs.

Dorian Gaudin featured in NY Art Beat

Continuing the work Dorian Gaudin produced for the exhibition Rites and Aftermath (Palais de Tokyo, 2017) the artist’s second solo exhibition at Nathalie Karg Gallery is comprised of, as a base structure, a long rolling conveyer belt. Its chains maintain fragments of architectural elements and floating mundane objects such as a coffee cup.

Gamaliel Rodriguez Featured in The New York Times

One year later, artists in Puerto Rico and those attached to the island talk about how the devastation and its aftermath influenced their work.

The coffee cup Spring is a must see for Artforum

The Coffee Cup Spring, Dorian Gaudin’s second solo show, is on view until Oct. 21. It is a must see for Artforum.

Jessica Craig-Martin featured on the cover of Art New England

Sara Baker reviews “The Safety of Objects,” a two-person show with Jessica and Michael Craig-Martin at the Bundy Modern, writing “Together, father and daughter (in their first show together) portray our consumer culture–from the mundane to the excess.”

‘Distortions’ featured in the New York Times

Jillian Steinhauer included ‘Distortions’ in What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week, writing “the 16 contributors… playfully use the body to render the complexity, comedy and vulnerability of our condition.”

Dorian Gaudin included in ‘Liquid Dreams’ at Ghebaly Gallery

Liquid Dreams‘ is open from July 13 to August 10 and also includes new work by Genesis Belanger, Davide Balula, and Neïl Beloufa.

Jim Drain mural, Snake Pit, at Coney Art Walls

Jim Drain included in Coney Art Walls, an ongoing exhibition of outdoor street art in Coney Island open from 12-8 pm daily through September that is free to the public.

Gamaliel Rodríguez in ‘Contemporánea Internacional’ at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

‘Contemporánea Internacional’ is an ongoing exhibition at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico featuring works from private Puerto Rican collections, and also includes Kara Walker, Maurizio Cattelan, Damien Hirst, and Cindy Sherman.

Rannva Kunoy in ‘Known Unknowns’ at Saatchi Gallery

Rannva Kunnoy is included in the show ‘Known Unknowns,’ a diverse group of selections from the permanent collection at the Saatchi Gallery in London, recently covered in Euro News.

Al Held, Al Held in Paris, 1952-53, Featured In The Brooklyn Rail

Tom McGlynn writes for The Brooklyn Rail: “Al Held moved to Paris in the early 1950s where he was part of a loose-knit expatriate community of American painters that included Joan Mitchell and Sam Francis. Mitchell, Francis and Held all had in common a determination to pit their personal stylistic development against the then coalescing dominance of Abstract Expressionism and the New York School.”