Jessica Craig-Martin Featured in Collector Daily

Loring Knoblauch writes “Craig-Martin seems to revel in the overlooked minutiae of these events, uncovering the boldly surreal hiding in plain sight”.

Amir Nikravan Features in OUT Magazine about Los Angeles artists

“I make works that engage with an art-historical trajectory that I both admire and have been completely excluded from”, says Los Angeles-based painter Nikravan, who is of mixed Iranian and Mexican-American descent”.

Jessica Craig-Martin featured in SVA NYC

“Working excessively fancy parties as an event photographer for Vanity Fair and The New Yorker grants Jessica Craig-Martin unusual privilege to the über-privileged; apart from her commissioned work she makes photographs that are as brightly lit, colorful and crisp as the ones in the glossies but that zoom in on the details”, wrote Emma Drew

Joe Fyfe’s Untitled will be included in the Bomb 36th Anniversary Auction

Bomb’s 36th Anniversary Gala and Auction will take place on Friday, May 5.

Nicholas Frank Featured in Glasstire

Artpace Spring Artist-in-Residence Exhibition: Glasstire reviews Nicholas Frank’s show.

“Frank is something of an intellectual mensch—the piece includes pamphlets (Artpace chronicles) of his political and philosophical musings framed through the relationships he developed throughout the residency (Frank is staunchly anti-social media and made a concerted effort to engage the local community directly)”.

Ohad Meromi’s public sculpture “Sunbather” Featured In Hyperallergic

Last fall Ohad Meromi finally unveiled his public sculpture “Sunbather” (2016) to the world. This ambiguous sunbathing humanoid is endowed with neither gender nor age. Its dimensions approximate the chassis of a Fresh Direct delivery truck. It’s made of about 400 pounds of bronze. It looks like something a pre-schooler might construct out of hot-pink pipe cleaners, magnified a millionfold.

Joe Fyfe wins the Gwendolyn Knight Lawrence Award

The American Academy of Arts and Letters announced 2017 Art Award Winners: Joe Fyfe wins the Gwendolyn Knight Lawrence Award. The awards will be presented in New York City in May at the Academy’s annual Ceremonial.

Carl D’Alvia included in an exhibition at the Dio Horia in Mykonos, Greece

The exhibition ‘The Veterans’ will take place at the Dio Horia from April 14 to May 22, 2017 and will include Carl D’Alvia’s artwork.

Jessica craig-martin captures the glittering imperfection of high society parties

The NYC-based photographer shoots the world’s most extravagant parties for some of its glossiest magazines. In her exhibition ‘Public Relations,’ she zooms in on the moments that don’t make it into their pages.

Jessica Craig-Martin Included In W Magazine

“For years now, Jessica Craig-Martin has been steadily plowing through the high-society party circuit across the world with two purposes: to photograph the A-listers and advertisers that duty requires her to at events—and to capture their naturally occuring over-the-top oddities and excess.”

Joe Fyfe’s work will be included in the Sculpture Center’s Lucky Draw

 The Lucky Draw 2017 which includes Joe Fyfe’s artwork, will take place on April 18 at the SculptureCenter

Nathalie Karg Gallery at THE ARMORY SHOW

Blouin ArtInfo reports that Dorian Gaudin’s work will be included in the inaugural edition of the Armory Show’s Platform section.

Huguette Caland will be included in the Venice Biennale 2017

Huguette Caland artworks will be part of the 57th Venice Biennale from May 13 – November 26, 2017

Jesse Mockrin’s Special Exhibition at Galerie Perrotin, Seoul

Jesse Mockrin’s exhibition, XOXO, will be shown at Galerie Perrotin, in Seoul from March 17 to April 8, 2017.

Ohad Meromi Sculpture in Long Island City

A new public sculpture by Ohad Meromi named Sunbather has been placed in Jackson Avenue (at 43rd Street) in Long Island City.

Joe Fyfe’s exhibition Kiss the Sky is reviewed in Sculpture Magazine

Jan Castro writes in the March 2017 issue of Sculpture Magazine:“Kiss the Sky,’ Joe Fyfe’s recent exhibition, was a tour-de-force, seamlessly merging bright colors and quotidian materials, including steel, plastic, nylon, fabric, found wood, ink, rope, acrylic, and crayon.”

A book will be published on the occasion of Dorian Gaudin’s solo show at the Palais de Tokyo, 02/03 – 05/08 2017

Dorian’s monograph will include:

– “Incomparable Theatre”: The Splendid Ambiguity of Dorian Gaudin’s Machines” an essay by Kate Sutton
– “The Mechanism of the Emotions”: interview between Dorian Gaudin and Julien Fronsacq, curator at the Palais de Tokyo

Joe Fyfe’s Work Included In The American Academy Exhibition

Joe Fyfe’s artworks are this year included in The American Academy Exhibition. The Academy’s art awards and purchase programs acknowledge artists at various stages of their careers. This year, nine participating artists will receive art awards. Additionally, paintings and works on paper are eligible for purchase and placement in museum collections nationwide.

Wayne Ngan’s Work Included In The New Elan Fine Art Gallery Show

Wayne Ngan’s artwork will be included in the Elan Fine Art Gallery exhibition opening on February 25 in Vancouver.

Solo Show By Dorian Gaudin At The Palais De Tokyo

Palais de Tokyo is presenting the first solo show by Dorian Gaudin in an art centre. The artist, whose work has recently been shown at the off-site exhibition organised by Palais de Tokyo alongside Manifesta 11, in Zürich, will produce an original immersive installation.

Carl D’Alvia interviewed by Laurie Simmons for Bomb Magazine

Laurie Simmons delves into Carl D’Alvia’s sculpture, process, and the ideas behind his work in this interview for Bomb Magazine.

Hyperallergic reviews Carl D’Alvia: Endless

Stephen Maine writes, “This knockout, two-venue show — D’Alvia’s first solo outing in New York since 2013 — demonstrates the absurdist humor, masterful craftsmanship, and elliptical thinking of an artist for whom working at apparent cross-purposes is an end in itself: embracing irresolution, the banalities of existence combine to form imponderable conundrums.”

Endless is included in New York Magazine’s What to Do in New York list

Jerry Saltz writes: “From some magical, mystical garden of unseen shapes all covered in surfaces that imitate tree trunks, animal fur, and feathers, sculptor-­magician extraordinaire Carl D’Alvia’s double show is a tour de force, using simulated wood grain cast in resin, returning us to a golden age of heroic sculpture.”

Joe Fyfe’s Work Included In Flat Fix At Halsey Mckay Gallery

Joe Fyfe’s artwork will be included in the Halsey Mckay Gallery exhibition Flat Fix opening on January 26 and running through February 21, 2017.

Jessica Craig-Martin’s Work Included In Divided States of America Curated by Alison M. Gingeras

Jessica Craig-Martin’s paintings will be included in the Center exhibition Divided States of America opening on January 26 and running through March 2017. 

Dorian Gaudin redefines kinetic art with an exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo

Ryan Steadman writes about Gaudin in Cultured Magazine: “Now based in New York, he’s being hailed as a hot new artist to watch, thanks to an upcoming solo exhibition in February at the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris.”

Dorian Gaudin: Rites and Aftermath at the Palais de Tokyo

Dorian Gaudin’s first solo show at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France, will take place from February 3 through May 8, 2017. Exhibition curator Julien Fronsacq writes: “Based on the essential nature of the machine- an instrument communicating a motion- and, in order to show how objects are capable of producing a narrative, Dorian Gaudin reminds us of how the fetishisms of objects and technology governs our relationship with the world.”

Nathlie Provosty’s work included in New Ruins at American University Museum, Katzen Arts Center

Nathlie Provosty’s paintings will be included in the American University Museum exhibition New Ruins opening on January 28 and running through March 12, 2017.

Nathalie Karg Gallery at UNTITLED SAN FRANCISCO

Nathalie Karg Gallery is pleased to participate in the 1st edition of Untitled San Francisco, opening January 13th. In our booth C10, we will present new works by Nathlie Provosty, Dorian Gaudin and Amir Nikravan.

In addition, for Untitled Monuments, we will present a projection by Amba Sayal-Bennett titled Manta. Sayal-Bennett is interested in the process of translation— specifically, the effects and affects generated by the transposition of elements across different media. She created the projection piece site-specifically: layering the prints with other prints of drawings, obscuring sections of the projection bed using paper, objects and tape in order to alter the light fall of the projected image, and using tape, foam and other materials selected from the repertoire of objects and materials collected in her studio to work into the projected area of light. The artist thus explores how the drawings change through this transposition, and how structural dissonances created by this movement across sites (paper and room) affect how she works back into them.

Culture Trip names Jesse Mockrin an up-and-coming contemporary artist

Alexia Wulff writes: “Her work, deep and monumental, unveils a fantasy world of lush plant and floral life, soothing colors, and strangely polished faces, one most of us imagine only in our dreams. Whether it’s the eyes peering from behind delicately draped fabric, or the partially cropped images, her work suggests there’s something else to be seen.”

In Miami, Artists Rirkrit Tiravanija and Tomas Vu Will Teach You How to Surf

The artists Rirkrit Tiravanija and Tomas Vu found the perfect way to bring the experience of art and surf together this year in a joint work titled DO WE DREAM UNDER THE SAME SKY.

Billed for Nathalie Karg Gallery booth as a “surf inspired participatory installation,” they’re offering custom-designed surfboards for UNTITLED visitors to get out into the water.

Nathalie Karg Gallery at UNTITLED MIAMI

Nathalie Karg Gallery is pleased to return to Untitled Miami, opening November 29th. In our booth A26, we will present a selection of paintings and sculpture of the gallery artist. In addition,  the gallery is happy to be part of the Special Projects Section presenting a participatory installation by Tomas Vu and Rirkrit Tiravanija Do We Dream Under The Same Sky, the collaboration consists of a set of unique Alaia surfboards made of Pawlonia wood and inscribed with Beatles lyrics from the album Revolver, celebrating it’s 50th anniversary, a set of benches spelling I.O.U,  a T-Shirt silkscreen stand run by Columbia MFA students and a participatory installation of surfboards that can be lent out for use to fair attendees in celebration of Miami beach culture.  The installation also features a stainless steel outdoor shower for surfers to rinse off, on which Rirkrit Tiravanija will perform Tuesday, November 29th at 3PM, in the artist own words, the spirit of this collaboration is  in the poetics of resistance, the poetics of rioting, referencing to the May 1968 events in Paris, “sous les pavés, la plage” (Under the paving stone, the beach).

‘Untitleds’ by Dorian Gaudin & Martin Roth at Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Berlin

Blouin reports that Dittrich & Schlechtriem in Berlin is currently presenting the work of Dorian Gaudin and Martin Roth in a dual artist exhibition “UNTITLEDS” through December 10, 2016.

Jessica Craig-Martin’s work featured in the amfAR generationCURE 2016 Benefit Auction

Support amfAR and generationCURE, a group of young amfAR supporters committed to ending the AIDS pandemic in their lifetime by helping the Foundation raise funds for its cure-focused research programs. Bidding for Jessica Craig-Martin’s Cougar Friends and other artist works closes on December 8.

Ohad Meromi contributes to Conditions of Political Choreography

e-flux reports that “Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) and the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) present Conditions of Political Choreography, a research project and exhibition of newly commissioned new works by artists working with diverse performative strategies ranging from visual art to dance, theater, video, and stage-based and participatory practices. The first iteration takes place at the CCA where Berlin-based architect Markus Miessen has transformed the galleries in which each week a new commission takes place. The second iteration will take place at the n.b.k. in Berlin in the summer of 2017 with a spatial intervention by New York-based artist Ohad Meromi.”

Pleasures of the Dance is named by Artsy as one of the 15 New York Gallery Shows to See This November

Artsy’s Casey Lesser describes Jesse Mockrin’s exhibition, Pleasures of the Dance, as a show that is not to be missed.

Dorian Gaudin’s “Second Offense” at PACT one of Artforum’s Critics’ Picks

Jo-ey Tang writes: “Dorian Gaudin, a French artist based in New York, occupies this space of tension in ‘Second Offense,’ his self-deprecatingly titled second solo exhibition, which explores the social and political unease he feels in his home and adopted countries.”

Joe Fyfe’s Kiss The Sky Featured In ArtForum

Joe Fyfe’s exhibition Kiss the Sky is featured in’s “Critics’ Picks” section.

Nathlie Provosty exhibition at APALAZZOGALLERY in Brescia, Italy

Nathalie Provosty is exhibited in Brescia, Italy from 29 September to 15 November.

Opening reception with the artist: Thursday 29 September from 7pm.

Nathlie Provosty Catalogue Published by Distanz

Provosty’s first publication includes a personal essay by the writer Jarrett Earnest and a substantial showcase of works dating from 2012–2016. It is now available at Nathalie Karg Gallery.

Joe Fyfe’s Kiss the Sky featured in Blouin Artinfo

Joe Fyfe’s exhibition Kiss the Sky will be on view at Nathalie Karg Gallery until October 23.

Joe Andoe included in Animalia

Joe Andoe’s work is included in the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art’s group show Animalia, on view from May 7 through September 4, 2016.

Dorian Gaudin’s ‘Second Offense’ at Galerie Pact, Paris

BLOUIN ARTINFO reports that Galerie Pact will be showcasing Dorian Gaudin’s work this Fall in a solo exhibition titled “Second Offense”.

Boys And Girls Can Still Draw featured in Two Coats of Paint

Sharon Butler notes Boys And Girls Can Still Draw as one of the season’s must see shows on her summer ‘cheat sheet‘.

Aubry/Broquard in Title Magazine

In her review of FJORD’s inaugural exhibition, Erica Maust writes, “Aubry and Broquard’s Cerebral Boxes are vivid and glossy, candid and dark. In their merging of pop culture with tradition, cereal branding and art history references manifest an unmistakably adult urge to return to childhood.”

Wayne Ngan featured in Trusses

Wayne Ngan’s work will be included in a group show at the Nanaimo Art Gallery entitled Trusses, which runs from June 9 through August 21, 2016.

Prudence Peiffer mentions Nathlie Provosty (the third ear) in ArtForum

In her article, Prudence Peiffer writes: “American abstract women painters were out in full force in New York this spring, from the bold engagement with Minimalism by the young artist Nathlie Provosty in a knockout show at Nathalie Karg Gallery to the impressive five-decade mini-survey of Lee Krasner at Robert Miller Gallery…”

Amy Lin reviews Huguette Caland – Silent Letters for Widewalls

Lin, in her review of Silent Letters, writes: “Unlike the previous abstract pieces, her recent work is more quilt-like with numerous lines, dots and patches spanning across the surfaces and largely devoid of human forms. The artworks evoke the sense of intimacy and nostalgia often present in written correspondence.”

Dorian Gaudin in Your Memories are our Future

Dorian Gaudin’s work will be included in the Palais de Tokyo’s extramural project, “Your Memories are our Future”, in parallel with Manifesta 11 Zürich.

David Cohen reviews Nathlie Provosty (the third ear) for Artcritical

In his review Cohen writes: “Degrees of reduction or addition seemed determined in each canvas by particularities of emotional ambition rather than mere strategies dictated by size.”

Joe Andoe featured in Landscapes After Ruskin: Redefining the Sublime

Joe Andoe’s work will be included in a group show at the Hall Art Foundation titled Landscapes After Ruskin: Redefining the Sublime, which runs from May 14 through November 27, 2016.

The New York Times reviews Nathlie Provosty (the third ear) as one of the Lower East Side’s standout shows.

Roberta Smith states “Ms. Provosty approaches the modernist monochrome as a convention of unlimited possibility.”

Madeleine Taurins reviews Jettison Parkway for The Current Season

Taurins analyzes the anthropomorphic qualities present in Dorian Gaudin’s work.



Nathlie Provosty at Nathalie Karg Gallery is named by the Observer as one of the “7 New York Gallery Shows You’ll Flip For This Spring”

Ryan Steadman describes Nathlie Provosty’s work stating “Her studious mix of the pictographic symbols seen in the work of Ab Ex artists like Adolph Gottlieb and the formalist surface tensions of painters like Hans Hofmann, make Ms. Provosty a complete talent, one who is set to make her mark.”

Ryan Steadman reviews Dorian Gaudin: Jettison Parkway for the Observer

Steadman describes Dorian Gaudin’s newest work as turning the art viewing experience into a physical encounter with results that “vary from electrifying to enchanting”.


Wayne Ngan Solo Exhibition at Marc Jancou Contemporary

Wayne Ngan: Vessels will be on view January 14-March 11, 2016 at Marc Jancou Contemporary. 

Joe Andoe at Exhibit by Aberson by Tulsa World

Joe Andoe returns to his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma for Exhibit by Aberson’s “Grand Lakes: Joe Andoe” exhibition.

Jennifer Guidi: New Paintings exhibition

Jennifer Guidi’s New Paintings exhibition at Nathalie Karg Gallery is featured on Cincala Art Advisory’s blog.

Ohad Meromi’s Art Project ‘A Resort’ by The Culture Trip

Tel Aviv’s Center for Contemporary Art stages a performance project by artist Ohad Meromi, which turns the space into a podium for music, dance and theater improvisations.